Powell Hut Tramp

The tramp to Powell Hutt. Lead by Venturers Jack and Grayson the tramp featured seven Venturers and four older Scouts.

With great weather, stunning views and great company it was a highlight of the term for all involved.

We would like to thank the adults that helped make this trip an success: Oliver Mander whom provided leadership support to Jack and Grayson and also Terry Poll, Vic Scott and David Thornburrow. Whom provided rides for the avid adventures to and from the mountain.

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Leader ranks swell for 2013

In case you haven’t heard, our leader ranks have been swelling in line with our youth numbers.  In the past 6 months we’ve had:

  1. David Thornburrow, join Duane as Kea leader
  2. Andrew Simes, join Bob and Denise as a Scout leader (as well as picking up Quartermaster duties)
  3. Oliver Mander, join Vic and Terry as a Venturer leader.

Fantastic to add their range of experiences to our leaders team.  And to see Brooklyn Scouts continuing to go from strength to strength.