Silverpine cub pack do a ‘raid’ at the Brooklyn Cubs Night

It was great to have Silverpine cub pack do a ‘raid’ at the Brooklyn Groups section night.

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The evening started with a Grand Howl where the increased pack size filled the Brooklyn den, then it was off up to the local school for a wide game of Witches/Trolls/Elves. The whole pack was then devided into 4 smaller groups and went to an area where the very accomplished Silverpine Venturers, led by Alex, gave instruction and assistance to the Cubs in constructing balistae.  The building of a balistae and the launching (some more successfully than others) of wet sponges proved a challenging, fun activity for all those involved and the resulting sponge fight was a big hit. Our thanks to Alex, the Venturers, Leaders, parents and Cubs from Silverpine for a great cross-Zone activity night. The challenge is now out for Brooklyns Endeavor Venturer unit to organise a return raid at some point in the future.

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