Out with the Old & in with the New!

A BIG thank you to The Vogelmorn Foundation for their huge grant towards the replacement of our old knackered windows – with matching period correct timber windows! We will finally be able to cross ventilate the hall and be able to look through the clear glass to see outside!

We just have the small matter of installing them now! Two frames have recently been done and are awaiting for the sashes to be painted before fitting them. Fingers crossed for more fine weekends soon🤞🏼

Chris, our master hall improver (and a Group saviour) has also finally had the chance to complete our led colour changing light installation. Done with his usual careful eye for bargain purchases (combined with his DIY skills) he was able to save us lots of $$. Thanks Chris

Thanks to everyone involved in this project especially Anneleah for putting together a successful grant application. And of course David – another BSG 😇 who can’t help helping!

A small plea regarding volunteering. There are many ways to support the Group, and by extension our youth. Currently we are struggling to attract whānau support for everything – from mentoring our youth to fundraising for gear, hall maintenance and activities. We are introducing a waitlist policy which will help us identify and prioritise new youth members that have whānau that are happy to commit to active adult support and fundraising roles within the Group.