Venturer lego Challenge!

The Venturers got given a set of things to make with lego. In two groups, they competed to finish their creations first and to the best of their abilities. Here we see the feature items of the night: “Casa de Pan” and “Casa de sol”2016-06_lego2016-06_legohouse

Venturer cooking night!

O Thursday night, the Venturers had a cooking challenge night! We were split into two groups and one group had to make anzac biscuits, the other stuffed peppers. The most efficient team won! A fun time was had by all, and the food turned out deliciously!


Turere Tramp Photos

The sun was shining when 31 of us set of tramping along the Orongorongo Track to the Turere Lodge.

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Scouts Visit Johnsonville Police Station

The Scouts had a great time finding out information on NZ Police from Constable Hamish Knight of Johnsonville Police station.  They were shown what tools Hamish has available to him, which started with how to control people by using certain arm locks, with a couple of lively scouts happily volunteering to be pinned and handcuffed!!

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The scouts had a great time having all their questions answered.  Afterwards the scouts got the opportunity to be fingerprinted, view the police cells and see some of the guns used by NZ Police and try on some of the gear.

Thanks Hamish, the scouts had a great time.




Velocity 2016

Three of our Venturers just came back from an amazing weekend up at Kaitoke, taking part in the Velocity course. Velocity is a course which all Venturers are encouraged to take, and it teaches them about how their unit works, what makes a good team, the importance of communication, and many other important skills. Not only was it useful, but all who attended had a fabulous time, and they are all keen to go on the next course, Cooksey, next year.


Hastings Cossgrove Course

We had a busy weekend in Hastings with 13 Scouts, 3 leaders and 1 parent helper making the journey to Hastings.

Saturday was a day full of learning activities:

  • Fire building/Lighting and axe safety
  • Tent Pitching (Centre pole)
  • Find your way – GPS, Map and Compass
  • Food Safety/Hygiene/Menu planning
  • How to storm lash tents
  • Gas Safety
  • Tent Pitching (continental)
  • Lashings and chariot racing

The rest of the weekend was putting the new skills we learnt to the test!!  With the main focus on FUN.

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We had a full on weekend, once again our youth showing dedication and outstanding hardwork.  When we returned home everyone was ready for bed!!

BBQ Fundraiser

Venturers doing a BBQ fundraiser to help get some of us to the jamboree at the end of the year as Youth Service Team. Hopefully more BBQs this term, so keep your eyes out when you’re at Bunnings!


Caving School 2016

In the April holidays, a few of the Venturers went to the National Scout Caving School in Waitomo. The caving school is one of many fantastic national schools, along with ones like photography school, aviation school, snow school, mountaineering school and canoe school. We spent 5 days up there, going into a new cave everyday. We spent about 7 hours each day underground, squeezing into gaps, scrambling up rock falls and trying not to get lost. Despite getting wet, cold, tired and bruised all over, all who went are keen to go back next year!


Venturers Explained

This Monday we went to Kelburn Scout hall in the Botanic Gardens and told them all about  who Venturers are, how we work, and the fun stuff that we do! This is partly to recruit new members, but also to generally raise awareness of Venturers, because we enjoy it so much and want others to be able to have fun too. Here are pictures of some of the fun games we played with them!

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Fun With Forms!


Recently, our Venturer unit hit the town in a game of ‘Fun With Forms’. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible. Points are awarded for pictures taken in front of specified places or things such as The Beehive or Readings Cinemas with the whole team and a bench, or ‘form’ in the photo. Points are deducted if the team is caught on camera by a leader and they are not all sitting on the form. It is somewhat of a tradition in this group and like every other time, a fun night was had by all.


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