Brookfield cub-day

Brooklyn cub pack had a fantastic camp last weekend teaming up with over 350 other cubs to participate in National cub day at Brookfeild in Wainuiomata.

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The weather on Saturday was absolutely fantastic and the kids participated in a huge range of activities from working as a team to get the ‘co-operative skis’ to work, starting a fire by rubbing two bits of wood together with a fire bow, scorching their initials into bits of wood using a magnifying glass, racing push carts round a track while avoiding the wet sponges, doing a giant Jenga puzzle, making masks…………and a whole lot more.

Fascinating to hear the number of kids who didn’t know how to use the magnifying glasses to concentrate the sun. It makes me realise how much old school knowledge is being lost and also how great scouting is for teaching these things and encouraging the questions like “how does that work?’ that I heard from lots of the kids.

Huge thanks to everyone who gave their time to make this a fantastic event and to our wonderful Brooklyn cubs, leaders and parents who came and shared their fun and ideas on this camp. Even the wet tents on Sunday didn’t dampen the fun.

A message from a Parent that attended:

I found it really rewarding to see the kids work together (even when they didn’t know each other) and the look of wonder – especially at the magnifying glass wood burning activity and fire starting with friction sticks (sorry, no photos – my camera battery had gone flat!).  The ‘conceptual’ maze was a revelation (to me) in the cubs’ ability to observe, remember and instruct/help others to move forward and complete the task.  I came away from the day thinking ‘don’t underestimate’ cub age children!

And Duane, I think you struck a really nice balance by cutting the kids slack and letting them have the opportunity to explore and work out things for (and between) themselves, as opposed to a ‘management’ style that is instructive or prescriptive.

Thank you for the opportunity to relive my cub days and have my eyes opened as to the capabilities of young children working together. Many parents would benefit from the experience!

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