Brooklyn Scout Group – Update

Kia Ora Brooklyn Scout Group Whanau,

I trust you all had an enjoyable and relaxing summer break and are ready for the year ahead.

The Scout Group continues to thrive under the Group Leader Stewardship of John Morrison as we constantly juggle our numbers between the various sections in order to prevent having to initiate a wait list.  Our Volunteer Sections leaders and ad hoc helpers really work hard to provide an interesting and diverse programme for our youth – Thank you.

In the background committed committee members oil the wheels of the inevitable administration necessary to run any organisation – from treasurer to fundraiser they constantly and consistently strive to add value and funds to the group – in turn this keeps the individual youth fees, to each caregiver, to the bare minimum.  Over 75% of your individual annual subscriptions are paid across to Scouts NZ, with what remains we cover the various fixed costs associated with owning our own building and maintaining our equipment – you may have noticed significant improvements to the hall over the last 6 months.  Any support you can give to our various fundraising events is greatly appreciated.

At the end of this month my tenure as Chairperson comes to an end.  So we are looking for someone to take on this role.  It’s not at all arduous – one of maintaining oversight, supporting the Group Scout Leader and advising the committee as necessary.  The committee is a strong team and the group is fiscally stable.  Should you wish to support the Scout Group in this way then please do let me know and I can chat it through with you in the first instance.

Yours aye,


Group Chairperson


[email protected]

Making a Difference

A big thank you to all our fundraising volunteers – you make such a difference.  Each year Brooklyn Scouts rely upon the generosity of all our volunteers, week in week out, to deliver a challenging and successful programme for all our youth.  They all freely give their time, but the group needs funds to operate and pay the bills – individual subscriptions are simply not enough – fundraising activities keep us afloat.  Operating a bar at the Sky Stadium generates significant additional income for us – it’s a straight forward and fun social activity that just takes a few hours of your time – please volunteer. 

Scavenger hunt time! 

To celebrate a truly awesome term of fun our keas split into their posses, donned some costumes and headed out in search of treasure! After a sad farewell to our friends aging up to cubs we rounded out the night with some much requested toasty marshmallow goodness. 

Keas explore Staglands! 

For our term trip the Keas adventurered yonder to Upper Hutt to explore some wilderness, meet some animals and roast some marshmallows! We had an excellent time roaming around practicing our map reading and outdoor skills and finished off with a yummy campfire snack.