Scouts: Becoming a Scout

Anyone interested in Scouts is welcome to come along to one of our Tuesday night meetings (7pm to 9pm) to try out the experience, or contact a Scout leader to find out more.

Before you can be invested as a Scout in the Scout Section, you will need to complete the requirements for your Scout Badge (see below). Once you have completed these you can wear your new Scout badge with pride!

The Scout Badge

When you first come along to Scouts, you’ll be supported to work through the following  activities:

  • Prepare a personal First aid Kit.
  • Describe the composition of the NZ Flag.
  • Explain what and why happens during the Flag Ceremony.
  • Show a knowledge and understanding of the Scout Law and Promise.
  • Describe the life of Lord Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell and explain why he is important to Scouting.
  • Be able to make the Scout sign and salute correctly.
  • Demonstrate the Scout Handshake and be told the story behind it.
  • Take part in a Troop or Patrol activity

Scouting NZ has created a great booklet that has all you need to know about becoming a Scout, the way the Troop works, and a bit of history on where we come from.

Download the Handbook

Once you’ve completed the badge, we hold an investiture ceremony to mark your first achievement in scouts – your family will be invited along to the presentation.

Motto, Law & Promise

Part of the investiture is knowing and your Scout Motto and Law and reciting your Promise.


Be Prepared


A Scout is loyal and trustworthy.

(to Leaders, other Scouts, Parents, everyone)

A Scout is considerate and tolerant.

(to all and everything)

A Scout is a friend to all.

(no matter the colour, creed or country)

A Scout accepts challenges with courage.

(always does his/her utmost best)

A Scout uses resources wisely.

(a thrifty Scout will go a long way)

A Scout respects the environment.

(he/she is proud of his/her country and looks after it)

A Scout has self respect and is sincere.

(and will receive respect in return)


On my honour, I promise To do my best
To do my duty to my God
To the Queen and my country
To help other people
And live by the Scout Law

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