The joint Parents – Leaders Committee works with, and supports, the Group Leader and other section leaders in the running of the Group focusing primarily on administrative matters, as per Scouts NZ best practice guidelines.  Current parent members are:

  1. Mark Le Masurier (Chair) [email protected]
  2. John Morrison (Group Leader) [email protected]
  3. Catherine Gibbs (Secretary, Marketing) – [email protected]
  4. Lesley Mackle (Treasurer) – [email protected]
  5. Joss Morrison (Quarter-Master)- [email protected]
  6. Erina Papp (Fundraising and Grants) – [email protected]
  7. Rex Collett (Building committee) – [email protected]
  8. Mark Le Masurier (Webmaster) – [email protected]
  9. Andrew Chisolm (Stadium co-ordination) – [email protected]

Key policies

Committee Records: Minutes and papers

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