2nd phase concrete laying completed

Friday was a long day preparing for concreting, but thanks to assistance
of Dave Fowler a retired builder, we got the boxing completed.

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8 am Saturday morning the chain gang got into action with Chris Ewers and
Denise bucketing, Erina, Edward and Damian getting buckets down to the
basement and Augusta, Caitlin, Mark and Michael getting it to Rex to lay.
It was a smooth operation and having people there enabled us to save lots
on  the hire of a concrete pump.
Perry and Harriet joined the crew for the finishing and tidying up work.
The rest of the old path was removed in readiness for the next lot of
concreting next week

Without a skip, we couldn’t get onto the digging to increase the size of
the quartermaster’s store, but did a couple of runs to the tip, to
clearing the rubbish.  Having the retaining wall enabled us utilise most
of the concrete as drainage behind it and Denise’s green fingers will see
a larger picnic area beautifully landscaped.

And yes next week we need people for digging and carrying next Saturday
between 9 to 1pm.

It is great to see the progress

Rex Collett

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