Winter Activity and Ski Trip – Turoa

A chili blast was had by all. We had 53 attend our annual Winter wonderland trip. Our accommodation was at the Auckland Grammar Venture Lodge, what a fantastic venue it had all we needed for an enjoyable weekend.

The effort of the organisers and the kitchen crew were phenomenal (thank you), however the weather committee failed for Sunday snow activities!! This provided a perfect opportunity for us to show our resilience.

Scouts Mystery Box Challenge

T’was a busy night last night with Blue Penguin Team (Patrol) running a “Mystery Box – Disaster Chef” challenge. Points were awarded at the discretion of the Senior Team, with the use of ingredients (like curry powder, rolls of tape and Vegemite) receiving bonus points. The maple syrup (with curry powder) was not well received! Kakapo bathed themselves in glory, closely followed by Takehe Team. Danial (aka “Special”), the Blue Penguin’s Team Leader, ran the night and demonstrated that youth lead scouting is the way of the future. Of course he required plenty of support from Senior team of Jamie, Winston & Lucia 😉

Our Team (and Assistant Team Leaders) also received more leadership training form Mark 👍🏼 We now have five teams due to our high numbers.

We welcome Joss (one of our cub leaders going to Jamboree) and Sarah (waiting for her Warrant and also going to Jamboree) to our adult team. They are both getting to know our Scouts and bring significant experience to the section.

YiS, John