JOTA JOTI camp at Brookfields

Over 300 youth and leaders arrived at the Lower North Island JOTA JOTI camp at Brookfields on Friday evening with the knowledge rain was coming, so setting up the camp sites was a priority and was mostly completed before the heavens opened. Some outdoor activities the next day were curtailed.

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Indoor venues provided a welcome respite from the ‘real world’ rain and the youth were able enter the digital realm – Scouts from as far away as Egypt, Columbia and the Netherlands were just a keystroke away. Much hilarity was had. Unfortunately the ionosphere played havoc with the radio reception so the airwaves were more filled with crackles and hisses than strange accents.

One room had electronic kits with plans for simple (to more complex) circuits – which occasionally worked!

Roast pork was beautifully cooked by Venturers Arthur and Taine (with a little help from Terry). While waiting for dinner Daniel showed no shame in modeling a flower pot, before trying to auction it off for a profit!?

Brooklyn had the honour of co-organising the main campfire, helping to plan the program and coordinating over 10 skits and songs.

Sunday dawned fine so we began to dry out, squeezing in a quick kayak before dealing with muddy tents and heading home