Rimutaka rail trail and saywells camp – October holidays

Whoo hoo! Over the middle weekend of the school Holidays (5th – 7th Oct) the scouts are planning and cycle and camp trip! Leaving on the Friday and coming back on the Sunday.  Meet time is around 0930 on Friday at the Hall, return around 1500 on Sunday.

Everyone who wants will ride over the Rimutaka rail trail to the Wairarapa side and down to Saywells Farm to camp for the weekend. A favourite trip with all who have done it in the past, this is a must not miss trip!

All members of the group and their families are invited to attend wether that be the whole weekend just the bike or just the camp. Keas must have a parent or caregiver with them, permission forms will be available in the coming weeks via the usual email lists.

Costs: $50 for the weekend plus an additional $20 per person if you wish to be involved in clay bird and target shooting.

NB: By agreeing for your child to take part in the bike ride, you have agreed that your child’s bike is up to a safe standard and will have lights, front and back, a helmet and a backpack with a drink bottle and snacks for the trip over.


Ready, aim….. fire!

This week the cubs and some scouts got to try their hand at some indoor target practice.  Carefully supervised and using only plastic shot, each youth had three shots to claim individual glory – and push their team to the highest average.

Winners on the night were Joseph [cub] and Dawn [scout], with the blue six taking team honours.