Halfway to our rejuvenation fundraising goal!

After some sterling work by our Committee grants specialist (thanks Erina) we are the fortunate recipients of:

  1. $5,000 from Infinity Foundation for our basement projects
  2. $4,000 from Four Winds for our basement and kitchen projects.

This takes us to $39,000 out of our target $80,000 to do our total hall rejuvenation wish list. Awesome.

An update on the basement project will be up shortly (it’s been cleared and tidied and is now ready for work to begin).

And still they come – another new Leader

Group Leader, Gavin, once again took great pleasure in investing another superleader into the super team at Brooklyn.


Welcome David Thornburrow to the Brooklyn Scout group


Uniform transition nearly complete

It was a couple of years ago when Scouts NZ introduced the new uniform. We’ve taken a gradual encouragement to make the shift – after all they’re pricey and there’s all those badges to sew on!
Looking around tonight, its clear that growing youth and turnover has had its impact and we’re almost entirely in the new uniforms. (Of course, wearing the older green shirts is still absolutely acceptable.)


pics: Hall rejuvenation – weekend 1

Wow – what a transformation already.  With fantastic support from parents and youth alike.

Ably led by Rex and Erina, a team of 15 adults and 4 youth worked shifts throughout Saturday and Sunday to blast, scrape, yank, saw, slap and dab their way an huge way towards our first goal: repair and painting of the South and West exterior walls.

Thanks to: Rex, Erina, Chris, Matt, Mel, Perry, Julia, Lynne, Dave, Donald, Marion, Dinesh, Richard, Bob, Denise – and Alaigne, Harriet, Harris and Sam.

How bad were things? Not terrible, but we uncovered some moderate rot around many of the windows and a bad patch on the South-West corner.  Rex went into battle with rot killer, power saw, and years of experience and by Sunday it had yielded!  We are getting quotes for window repairs.

Next up is finishing the repairs, completing the top coats, and then doing the window and edging in Scouting purple!

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Leader ranks swell for 2013

In case you haven’t heard, our leader ranks have been swelling in line with our youth numbers.  In the past 6 months we’ve had:

  1. David Thornburrow, join Duane as Kea leader
  2. Andrew Simes, join Bob and Denise as a Scout leader (as well as picking up Quartermaster duties)
  3. Oliver Mander, join Vic and Terry as a Venturer leader.

Fantastic to add their range of experiences to our leaders team.  And to see Brooklyn Scouts continuing to go from strength to strength.

Hall rejuventation – KICK OFF!

We are looking for helpers who don’t mind working at heights to help us out preparing, priming, and painting our 82 year old hall.  please register your interest by emailing Erina at [email protected].

We’ve not been kidding, our hall upgrade project is about to commence after the Committee approved the first phase of expenditure.

A comprehensive upgrade plan has been draw up targeting the basement area and storage, kitchen, toilet facilities and the heating/electrical systems. Phase 1 is the southern and western walls.  They’re not looking good 🙁

So, we are going to pop some scaffolding up and get busy. At the same time we will be undertaking repairs to the roof and window sills as required. We hope to get this done while our “drought conditions” extend into April…

Proposed dates and times are:

  • Sat 6th April 09:00 to 14:00 TBC
  • Sun 7th April 09:00 to 14:00 TBC
  • Sat 13th April 09:00 to 14:00
  • Sun 14th April 09:00 to 14:00

The first weekend is subject to us getting the scaffolding set up in time. Obviously both weekends are weather dependant.  Rex Collet & Erina Papp (Augusta’s parents and long-time supporters of the scout group) are coordinating the work and will provide updates when scaffolding/weather becomes more certain.

We sure hope you will be able to help out for at least one of these times – if you can, then please register your interest by emailing Erina at [email protected]. Thanks for your help to improve our scout hall .

Pics: National (mud/water)Slide Day 2013

Here are some pics from the early part of the morning at the Paparangi waterslide for the 2013 National Mudslide Day.

If you have extra pictures to add, mail them to webmaster_at_brooklynscouts.org.nz so I can add them to the flickr set.

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It’s National Mudslide day again – this Sat 23 Feb!

So soon? Yup – get set to get wet at the Scouts National Mudslide Day!

In case you aren’t sure what goes on, check out the pictures from last year’s event.

Mark Ave Park, Paparangi

Mark Ave Park, Paparangi

Pics: Nov 2012 Group Camp

At little later this time, but worth the wait!  One of the biggest and best attended group camps in manys a year: fire eating, trampolining, ball games, obstacle course, kayaking, rafting….

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