Term 3 2012 activity programmes are up

In case you are wondering what the keas, cubs and scouts are going to be getting up to this term, head on over to the relevant activity plans:

The scouts are going ‘old school’ this term, with a big focus on core scouting skills (firelighting, knots, tracking and communications – without iPhones!).  They also have a jam-packed weekend schedule with expeditions, tramps and community service activity.

Keas and cubs are following an Olympic inspired journey that takes them from making passports, learning about different countries to having a go at various sports and activities.

New Poster: once is enough…

Our first posters (where they still survived) were suffering: fading, ripped, crumpled.  It was time for a refresh.

It’s important for us to capture what is different about scouting – what distinguishes what we do from other after-school and evening activities.  When I came across a quote by Mae West, it seemed to perfectly capture this essence:

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough

We think scouting is part of ‘doing it right’.

If you want a hard copy, contact a committee member.  Otherwise feel free to download and print out.

download: Brooklyn Scouts – Once is Enough – Poster

Tent issues….. from 1916!

Evening Post, Volume XCII, Issue 141, 12 December 1916, Page 9

With our new quartermaster on board and starting to introduce new processes around our managing our tents, camp and expedition gear, it’s good to know that some things never change.

Here is an article from the 12 December 1916 issue of the Evening Post:

On Wednesday, 27th December, the Brooklyn Troop will cdmmence a ten days’ camp at Lowry Bay. Although Brook-, lyn is not a very large troop the ladsare keen and are well on their way to becoming efficient scouts. There is a difficulty about tents, and it has- been suggested that some Brooklyn residents might be” willing to lend them to the Scouts for the camp. The Scoutmaster will be at the Clubroom, Brooklyn, between 7.45 and 8.30 on Friday night.

Item at Papers Past – National Library