Velocity 2016

Three of our Venturers just came back from an amazing weekend up at Kaitoke, taking part in the Velocity course. Velocity is a course which all Venturers are encouraged to take, and it teaches them about how their unit works, what makes a good team, the importance of communication, and many other important skills. Not only was it useful, but all who attended had a fabulous time, and they are all keen to go on the next course, Cooksey, next year.


Caving School 2016

In the April holidays, a few of the Venturers went to the National Scout Caving School in Waitomo. The caving school is one of many fantastic national schools, along with ones like photography school, aviation school, snow school, mountaineering school and canoe school. We spent 5 days up there, going into a new cave everyday. We spent about 7 hours each day underground, squeezing into gaps, scrambling up rock falls and trying not to get lost. Despite getting wet, cold, tired and bruised all over, all who went are keen to go back next year!