Venturer’s end of year camp

As well as going out to dinner, how better to celebrate our year as Venturers than go on a camp! Despite the questionable weather, we had lots of fun playing cards (literally for hours!), joking around, exploring, and, of course, lighting campfires and roasting marshmallows.

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Blood donation

Yesterday, the Endeavour Venturers made their way to Newtown for a very important cause. They gallantly lay down and donated their blood at the Wellington Donor Centre to save the lives of people in need! If you want to help out and donate like the Venturers did, see the NZ blood website;


Self Defense

Last Thursday, the Venturers were taught about how to defend them selves from street attacks. We learnt about and tried various methods, including grips, blocks, attacks, and weapons. With laughter, failure, and success, we can now say that we know at least the basics. Better watch out!




On Tuesday night, our venturers attended a Wellington Zone Venturer event called the McFormal. This event requires attendees to dress up in formal dress, and go out to dinner at the most posh restaurant of them all; McDonald’s. This was the biggest McFormal yet, and the venturers can’t wait for the next one!