Leader Receives Gilwell Scarf, Woggle and Wood Beads

At Cubs tonight Sue Devereux was awarded her Gilwell Scarf, Woggle and presented her Wood Beads signifying her achievement of the highest level of formal training award available in Scouting.

BRAVO! To Sue!

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Cubs Receive Hard Earned Badges

At Cubs tonight there were many badges presented including;

  • Multiple personal challenge awards
  • Bronze Cub Award
  • Silver Cub Award
  • Gold Cub Award

BRAVO! To all the Cubs who received badges!


Cubs hike into Belmont Regional Park

On Sunday 6th Dec a Group of 25 Cubs, Leaders and parents from Brooklyn joined with 9 Cubs, Leaders and parents from Silverpine Group to do a hike in Belmont Regional Park.

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We walked down the track to the stream where we had lunch. The Cubs explored the stream, built a small damn, floated walnut shell boats, discovered natural swings of supple jack vines in the trees and some even discovered an eel. Meanwhile Silverpine Venturer, Alex, and Brooklyn Scout, Eddie, set up cookers and brewed up kawakawa tea from leaves that the cubs had picked on there way down. All the cubs tried the kawakawa tea and after packing everything up we all walked back to investigate the damn and then back up to the cars by a different track. We were also joined on this walk by 2 visiting scout leaders from the UK who very much enjoyed learning about some of the NZ native plants and sharing scouting stories with us. A great time was had by all.