Scouts working on some Adventure Skills

Tonight Scouts who had experience in rock climbing facilitated a session to achieve some Level 3 Vertical Skills sign-offs, before we split into four groups. Each group familiarised themselves with various aspects of the Climbing Care Code, before presenting what they had learned back to the whole Troop.

Cubs First Night

We are at full capacity in the Cub Section! Luckily it was a fine night so the session was spent outside – playing fun games and doing activities to prepare the Cub’s for the upcoming Turere Overnight Tramp.

Scouts first night of the year, 2022

Like the Keas, Brooklyn Scouts (10 -14 year olds) also started the year operating under Covid-19 red light traffic settings. Youth over the age of 13 years and 3 months need to be vaccinated, as do any Adults entering Scouting Facilities. We’re aiming to hold our section nights outside, to make the most of summer weather and daylight (and mask wearing is optional when we’re outside)!

We started the year with a cooking activity – making porridge, instant noodles and hot chocolates – in preparation for our overnight Group tramp in two weeks.

Keas First Night, Term 1, 2022

Operating under the Covid-19 red light traffic settings our Keas (5-8 year olds) got to spend most of the night undertaking fun activities outside the hall. They did get to use our newly refurbished hall at end the session though. They thoroughly tested the improved acoustic performance – with an energetic Kea Yell!