Stadium fundraiser kicks it out the park again

All Blacks WinWhat a great job from the parents and senior Youth last weekend at the All Blacks vs Wallabies game doing one of our precious stadium fundraiser. ¬†Looks like there’s another $800 coming our way after a very hectic evening.

I understand we ran out of several lines of drinks – but there were still a few of those plastic hotdogs left…. ūüôĀ

Halfway to our rejuvenation fundraising goal!

After some sterling work by our Committee grants specialist (thanks Erina) we are the fortunate recipients of:

  1. $5,000 from Infinity Foundation for our basement projects
  2. $4,000 from Four Winds for our basement and kitchen projects.

This takes us to $39,000 out of our target $80,000 to do our total hall rejuvenation wish list. Awesome.

An update on the basement project will be up shortly (it’s been cleared and tidied and is now ready for work to begin).

pics: The old toilet block gets demolished

It was a bit of a surprise to turn up at the Hall today for a meeting on the next phase of the rejuvenation project to find the old boys toilet block between us and the community centre being demolished.  Some pics below for posterity.

Chris is following up with the contractors to see if there is an opportunity to create a little flat space for us.  The land is Council-owned, so any discussions on use would have to be held with them.

And still they come – another new Leader

Group Leader, Gavin, once again took great pleasure in investing another superleader into the super team at Brooklyn.


Welcome David Thornburrow to the Brooklyn Scout group


Uniform transition nearly complete

It was a couple of years ago when Scouts NZ introduced the new uniform. We’ve taken a gradual encouragement to make the shift – after all they’re pricey and there’s all those badges to sew on!
Looking around tonight, its clear that growing youth and turnover has had its impact and we’re almost entirely in the new uniforms. (Of course, wearing the older green shirts is still absolutely acceptable.)


Large attack on WordPress sites – but we’re safe

internet_patch.png.scaled500Some of you may have read about a large attack on WordPress hosted sites.  We use WordPress to run

Fortunately, we also use CloudFlare‘s (free) service¬†to protect us from harm, reduce our traffic costs and speed up content delivery internationally. ¬†Predictably, the CloudFlare team were on to this issue very early and implemented the required protection:

We just pushed a rule out through CloudFlare’s WAF that detects the signature of the attack and stops it. Rather than limiting this to only paying customers, CloudFlare is rolling it out the fix to all our customers automatically, including customers on our free plan. If you are a WordPress user and you are using CloudFlare, you are now protected from this latest brute force attack. – CloudFlare Blog full entry

If our site goes offline, it’s going to be due to an admin stuff by me – not by this sort of attack!

Leader ranks swell for 2013

In case you haven’t heard, our leader ranks have been swelling in line with our youth numbers. ¬†In the past 6 months we’ve had:

  1. David Thornburrow, join Duane as Kea leader
  2. Andrew Simes, join Bob and Denise as a Scout leader (as well as picking up Quartermaster duties)
  3. Oliver Mander, join Vic and Terry as a Venturer leader.

Fantastic to add their range of experiences to our leaders team.  And to see Brooklyn Scouts continuing to go from strength to strength.

2013 fundraising spectacular

We always get the most income from our stadium fundraisers. 2013 is no exception. A massive effort from parents and senior scouts and venturerers means that we should bring in between $3,500 and $4,000 between the 7s weekend and tonight.



New Patrol Leaders invested

New PLs being inducted

Congratulations to new Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders Liam, Alaigne, Matthew B, and to our newly promoted Senior Patrol Leaders Emerald, Augusta and Caitlin!

We now have a very strong cohort of youth leadership in the Scouts who are playing an ever larger role in planning and running activities.

Voices from the past: 50th Jubilee booklet now online

Thanks to our friends at the Alexander Turnbull Library, we now have a digital copy of the Brooklyn Scouts 50th Anniversary Booklet from 1959 (also available on our History page)!

The booklet, produced 50 years ago contains a  number of gems:

  • The Troop being “forced” out of the Baptist Church Hall c. 1925 after a change in Minister
  • The phenomenal effort by Mr A Cowen (a builder) to drive the funding and construction of our current Hall, opened on 21st November 1931
  • The scout “senior patrol” producing 2 Queen’s Scouts in 1959
  • The memorium to 8 ex-Scouts “who laid down their lives for their country in the 1939-45 War”
  • The plea to parents to “attend the Annual Meeting and other special functions, and to see that your boys are smartly turned out”!

Share your favourite bits in the comments, below.