Scout Working Bee Saturday 7th December

The Steel beams up in basement and workers are required for Saturday 8 am onwards.  
Anyone that can spare some time between 8am and 10am to help move concrete would be most appreciated!!

Saturday 6 December 8am onwards

  • Concrete to be bucketed for wall in basement – truck to arrive at 8 am
  • Fill footing where rotten back right pile has been replaced
  • Digging out to increase size of quartermaster store
  • Removal of rotten totara piles to be removed and replaced
  • Completion and tidy up of retaining wall along steps

Adults and venturers needed to dig and cart concrete ( no pump this time!). The concrete truck arrives at 8 am.

Wear gloves and working shoes/boots and bring lunch if you are planning to stay for the day. We will provided biscuits and beverages, along with drinks at the end of the day to celebrate.
Even if you can only come for an hour or two we would appreciate it.
The Building Committee

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