Hastings Cossgrove Course

We had a busy weekend in Hastings with 13 Scouts, 3 leaders and 1 parent helper making the journey to Hastings.

Saturday was a day full of learning activities:

  • Fire building/Lighting and axe safety
  • Tent Pitching (Centre pole)
  • Find your way – GPS, Map and Compass
  • Food Safety/Hygiene/Menu planning
  • How to storm lash tents
  • Gas Safety
  • Tent Pitching (continental)
  • Lashings and chariot racing

The rest of the weekend was putting the new skills we learnt to the test!!  With the main focus on FUN.

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We had a full on weekend, once again our youth showing dedication and outstanding hardwork.  When we returned home everyone was ready for bed!!

2 thoughts on “Hastings Cossgrove Course

  1. Our scouts were divided (mostly in pairs) across the camps eight patrol groups. Working with complete strangers they showed good resilience while undertaking a range of activities. The skills of listening to instructions and communicating amongst themselves were sometimes forgotten, and often it was like watching ‘paint dry’ while they worked out what was required of them.

    Some scouts knew what was needed but were too shy to contribute, others blundered on without listening. Lessons were learnt by all. There was a strong ethos of ‘self resolution’ to challenges. Everything was done in good humour and many laughs were had.

    The leaders were a lively and engaged bunch and great role models for the scouts (and parents!). They were happy to share their wealth of knowledge and experience. I learnt parenting skills from watching them handle situations. I quickly learnt to stand back and let the scouts work through the activities themselves, rather than to offer instruction. Many scouts showed hitherto hidden talents and a good ability to problem solve without adult help.

    It was a rewarding experience to join the scouts on their camp and one that more parents should take time to experience. I know I have returned a better parent.

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