Jamie Patrol Camp

On the weekend of the 23-25th September, 17 Scouts placed themselves at the mercy of Jamie and his ability to run a Patrol/ team camp in the Wairarapa. This is a sign-off requirement for his Chief Scout award. Jamie had planned a number of challenges ranging from making woggles to firelighting with flints. Luckily we also had magnifying glasses which actually allowed us to achieve our fire-making goal – some more devious Scouts simply borrowed/ transferred fire from successful teams to light their own fires…

Jamie also dialled in a spectacular frost on Saturday night (the tents had ice on them by 8pm!). This lead to some pretty cold fingers and toes, and was a lesson to all to be well prepared for the cold. Ironically we also had a big bonfire, the ashes from which were so hot we had trouble getting close enough to toast marshmallows!

Thanks to Jamie – I’m sure he slept well on Sunday night!

Cheers, John

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