Bear Grylls’ essential kit: World Scout Badge

Bear Grylls about to jump out of a plane, wearing World Scout Badge

In case you didn’t know, adventurer Bear Grylls is Chief Scout.  (You can hear him interviewed in this earlier post.)

So what essential kit does Bear take with him when filming Man vs Wild, along with his knife, and water bottle?  That’s right – a Scout Badge.  And all the knowledge and spirit that comes with it.

Bear Grylls wearing World Scout Badge in Man vs Wild

I grabbed a couple of rough screen shots whilst watching his latest adventure in the South Island – one of him about to jump out of an RNZAF plane; another climbing out of a gully.

Fantastic inspiration to all current, former and potential keas, cubs, scouts, venturers and rovers.

Don’t know about the weta eating though… *ugh*




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