Oh Yea, Oh Yea – read all about it….

The term is well underway with planning for the Hillary-Tenzing challenge, learning about our local environment and the universe.  It’s great to see the keas, cubs, scouts and venturers enjoying themselves.

At the same time, our ranks are swelling and the committee is finalizing plans for the improvement of our hall, upgrading some of our kit and helping our youth attending major scouting events.

To achieve what we want to achieve we need a little bit more help from you.  Your commitment doesn’t have to be lots (a few hours a term to supervise a badge, share a skill at an evening session, help out at a fundraiser, take your term on the cleaning roster) but could be a little more (helping out on the committee, co-ordinating an activity).


There is now a cleaning roster pinned up on the notice board just inside the door of the hall.  Term 2 is being managed by Scouts.  Term 3 will be Cub parents and families.

Cleaning only takes about 30 mins if we all take a regular turn and ensures a good environment for our youth.

Please see a leader on the week of your duty for the key.

insurance money to spend!

The bad news is that we had quite few tents damaged a month ago in a storm.  The good news is that we have received an insurance payout to buy some replacement kit!

If you’ve got some ideas for what purchases we need, see the quartermaster…

in the quartermaster’s store

… speaking of which – we’re  delighted to announce that the newest parent member on the committee is Andrew Simes!  Father of scout Liam, Andrew has agreed to be our Quartermaster.  Email him at quartermaster [at] brooklynscouts.org.nz

Well done Andrew, welcome and we’re all looking forward to having someone keep us in shape over kit and tents.

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