Update on Basement renovations

What a fantastic effort on Saturday.

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We got all of the piles replaced under the main Scout hall.  Just as well, as the Hall  was sitting on nine piles of Totara dust.

A Special, (Very  SPECIAL) thank you to the Rovers. Wow, did they get stuck in.  It was particularly challenging work wriggling in under the floor to dig out old piles and put the new ones in. (And Chris Ewers—another prize for wriggler extraordinaire!!)

This work was out of scope for the basement but opportunity and common sense prevailed and now the hall is on good plies for another hundred years.

Award for the Scout family contribution goes to Damien, Harriet and Frankie——. And Harriett definitely gets the gold medal for wriggling and perseverance. (Well Damien comes in close staying to the bitter end mixing concrete). But Harriet managed to get shortest, most inaccessible pile out and new hole dug where she could only just squeeze between floor and the dirt. Impressive and a godsend.

Perry (recovering from a broken wrist) insisted he needed only one hand to carry buckets of clay up to the skip.

Mark got stuck in again and Victoria is a real trooper!

It was a day of heroics and I am immensely impressed and grateful—as we all should be. Thank you to the workers.

Terry made sure we got the floor levelled and generally kept a wise eye on proceedings.

Two more special thank yous: Gussy and Erina made a fantastic ( and healthy) lunch that was very timely. And also to Erina for running off to Placemakers  “on demand”, fetching concrete and ties for the piles when we ran out.  Gussy helped unload a last trailer of clay at tip and one more with all the other rubbish on Sunday, —- helped by Thomas who turned up for all ready for a Sunday working bee!!

And Denise: the skip you so generously donated was filled up in a few hours and enabled us the crack on and make the most of the Rovers and others’ time getting the piles in.  Without the skip we would not have got the job done—even if Denise had been able to get there to  move a few mountains of dirt as is her habit!.

NEXT WEEKEND>Saturday the 22nd Feb.

I know that it is group camp but “we” will be at the Hall  to get the last landing done to the basement, two more piles (exterior N/E wall corner). We will be mixing our own concrete for this so help most welcome.

And the following weekend—we hope we will need help carrying down sheets of Gibraltar board for the lining—but will confirm later.



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