Hall renovations update: and next working bee Sat 15th morning only: 9-12 AM

Good morning worker bees and all of Brooklyn Scout community

Fantastic job last Saturday.

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Because the concrete truck was delayed we had time to prepare holes for the very last pile renewals. ALL DONE!!!

We now have a nice landing into the basement and on to the wall framing, wiring, gibbing, plastering  can get on its way in earnest.

I hope I remember you all from last Saturday—if not the photos will you up. Take a look

Great team included Mark, Perry, Chris, Michael, Erina, Damien and Jo (great job on the corner plié Jo).

Thanks to our younger helpers:

Daniel Ewers was doing a great job until he sadly injured  a finger—but in true Scout fashion was very staunch!! , Gussy, Harriet, Frankie—who did I forget

THIS COMING WEEKEND A SHORT WORKING BEE: this is mainly a clean up the site in prep for the final building work.

Need a few good wrigglers to do a fianl clean out of loose dirt etc under the main hall and complete nailing the straps to the plies.

Start at 9—and finish by 12.


T: 04 972 5530 M: 021 228 5558

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