“Masterchef” Scout style

A great time was had tonight at Scouts with an outdoors edition of Masterchef, judged by Terry.  Specially concocted Tramper’s Breakfasts were followed by cordon bleu editions of Scroggin created by our newest scouts (welcome to Matthieu and Daniel).   Here are the recipes:

Tramper’s Breakfast
First premix 60gms instant mashed potato and 25gms milk powder
Mix a daub of butter/margarine in 200 ml hot water then add a packet of cup of soup Creme of Chicken (or whatever flavour soup you prefer)
Then add the potato/milk powder mix, adding more hot water to get required consistency.
Do not add salt as there is usually plenty in packet soups.
Sprinkle with parmesan (or other) cheese and enjoy.

Scroggin/ Trail mix
designed to give you energy when tramping, and to be lightweight and easy to carry.  You can put a variety of ingredients in scroggin, depending on what you like.
CHECK IF THERE ARE ANY SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS – If there is (e.g. nut allergies), make sure all possible steps are taken to ensure there is no cross contamination. A possible solution could be to eliminate the ingredient concerned from the list

The standard mix is 1/3 cup Nuts plus 1/3 cup dried fruit plus 1/3 cup grains & seeds plus ¼ cup chocolate
Nuts:  peanuts almonds cashews brazil nuts walnuts
Dried fruit:  raisins  sultanas (the yoghurt covered variety can add a little sweetness if you are adding less chocolate)
dried apricots, chopped into quarters  dried cranberries   dates, chopped into quarters   banana chips  crystallised ginger
Grains and seeds:  sunflower seeds. pumpkin seeds, muesli, bran, oats (can be roasted with honey)
Chocolate:  dark chocolate chips, m&ms, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate covered raisins.

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