Update on the Hall and basement renovation project

Hi everyone

We had a great day on Saturday starting with small team (Chris, Michael V , and Michael 2, Gussy and Erina) helping carry 12 very heavy 16mm x 3m sheets of Gibralter board down to the basement — and then growing momentum as more turned up to help get us closer to completion.  (See photos)

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We got more insulation up with Possum, Gussy and then Emerald doing a great job with cutting and fitting the Xpol.

Michael (Georg’s dad) and Damien made great progress chiselling rebates for the straps and helping Terry get some more Gib up—Damien I think found it a pleasant change from digging and carrying.

Harriet and Frankie were there most of the day getting stuck in as usual—clearing up and painting the priming the new frames for the basement window and new door.

Michael V and Mark (ably helped by Victoria—(Victoria also helped Erina unload the scaffolding returned to our place)  finished the N/W corner digging allowing Michael and me to finally clad that corner. His used to be Mark’s corner but I think it is now the M&M corner.

Erina did her usual backup running the trailer back to Placemakers, picking up more stuff we needed and along with Denise,  bringing a much appreciated lunch down to the hall. Sustained us through the remainder of what became a very long but successful day.

Chris, thank goodness,  was there to help unload the Gib with Nicholas on the way to football—then he returned in the afternoon to run more of the electrical cabling – involving wriggling up under the hall floor right up to the front door (not much room I can tell you).

I think Chris and Harriet are neck in neck for the cavers badge! With Bob, Victoria and Edward having made valiant challenges along the way.

Through all the initial hurly burly Gavin gave the new lawn a much needed haircut.

Today (Sunday) , Terry got everything ready to return the window to its rightful place and I got there just in time to help manoeuvre it into position.  Looks great!

This so feels like the completion is in sight!!

Watch this space later in the week as we may need some help getting some more Gib on the ceiling next Saturday and whatever else comes up—there is always something when renovating!.



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