National Mudslide day pictures

UPDATED: With pictures from Karori too

Well…. it was more of a waterslide than a mudslide (which made the car journey home a bit cleaner).  The Venturers joined their associates in Paparangi to help setup the slide the night before, some even sleeping in the adjacent Scout Hall to keep an eye on things (now that’s dedication!).

Shortly after 10am on the day, the action got underway after Brooklyn did a good deed by helping to get the pump sucking water properly.

There was also a contingent of cubs and scouts at the Karori waterslide for the 2-4pm slot at Ian Galloway park – a bit of a longer wait on this one due to its popularity – but at least as much.

It was fantastic to have a nice turnout across the Group, with cubs, scouts, venturers and leaders all represented…

… and have the bruises to prove it was a good activity!

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