pics: All the fun of the fair!

Yesterday was a special Kids edition of the Brooklyn Community Fair.  The tables were full of games, pre-loved soft toys, cakes and other tasty treats.  Pocket Money soon disappeared!

Brooklyn Scouts had a really strong presence, from Venturers through to Cubs: it was impossible to get inside the community centre without being tempted by a scout-served hot-dog, a turn on the real-life fruit machine (cubs and scouts make cheap labour), push the tyre or trampoline!

Whilst these activities make a bit of profit for the group, their main benefits are profile raising (Duane and Sue were distributing our information leaflets faster than a WWII propaganda campaign),  strengthening the links between the youth, parents and local community, and getting youth involved in fundraising activities.

Enough words – pics below…

[if you can’t see the pics click here]

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