Jamboree on the Internet – October 20/21

JoTI 2012 Poster

UPDATED – New locations / options

Jamboree – a large gathering of Scouts who rally at a national or international level

Jamboree on the Internet (JoTI)as above, but gathering online instead of in real life [IRL]

It was 55 years ago when amateur radio enthusiasts all over the global gathered and shared stories over the airwaves.  16 years ago (1996) this virtual gathering also started using the Internet.  Every year since, a virtual Jamboree has been held both on the air and on the Internet (JoTA and JoTI).

JoTI is a fantastic chance for leas, cubs, scouts and venturers to:

  • expand their computer communications skills
  • practice typing
  • learn the “rules of the road” for social networking in a controlled environment
  • earn a patch!

JoTI It takes place over the October weekend 20-21st.  You can login from wherever you have Internet access by yourself or with some others.

Families wanting to host groups engaging in JoTI should email donald [at ] clark-family.net, or use the comments below.  We’ll add them to a schedule:

  1. Sat 21st October to Sun 22nd October – Masterton, Te Runga Den, $35 inc Camp
  2. Sunday 21st October – 09:30 to 11:30, Clark household, Coolidge St, Brooklyn
  3. Sunday 21st October – 13:00 to 15:00, Alaigne’s House, Connaught Terrace, Brooklyn – 389 8970

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