Pics: Cub Camp, Otaki, June 2012

Mid-winter.  Camping.  With a bunch of cubs?  Mad.

But we did it and the weather was (mostly) kind.  Despite being prepared for near zero temperatures, extra blankets were left furled in packs, Arctic-ready sleeping bags were unzipped and no-one needed microwaved in the mornings to de-frost.

Great effort from all the cubs, Leaders and supporting adults.


Down with the Sheepshank, long live Alpine Butterfly

Last weekend I had to shorten a guy rope on a tent.  Perfect opportunity to use that Sheepshank knot I’d learned so many years ago.  A few minutes later, I was on Google and learning:

  1. how to tie a Sheepshank
  2. that you shouldn’t use it – it’s an unstable knot

Instead – use an Alpine Butterfly Loop – it can both shorten a rope, but also add loops mid-length.  And is stable; load bearing on all sides.

So, there you go.

Clean-up: the results

What a load of rubbish!

Wow! What a great effort and turnout last Saturday at the Owhiro Stream cleanup.

All up, 21 keas, cubs, scouts, leaders and adults turned up. Within 1 hour the group collected the amount of rubbish shown in the photo.

The Ewers family even won the day’s strangest rubbish award with a half surfboard!

Most also got to plant new natives to boost the reparian area around the stream… oh, and feed the big pet eel called Master Eel.

Then it was all back to the Hall for a cuppa and some biccies. Well done Brooklyn Scouts!

(Thanks to Sue for the photos!)

Clean-up, plant-up – Sat 9th June

Hi all – this Saturday 9th June it’s World Environment Day. As flagged in our Activity plans we’re going to help the Owhiro Stream Conservation Group remove rubbish and – maybe – help them plant some of the thousands of new plants for the stream banks.

It’s a Group activity, so all keas, cubs, scouts, venturers and their families are welcome.  And it’s bound to earn youth some credit towards their awards or a personal challenge badge!

When: 1pm – 3pm

Where: meet at the Scout Hall by 12:55pm, afternoon tea at the Hall at 3pm

Kit: Bring gardening gloves, rubbish sacks, gumboots or sturdy boots, and your own drink bottle.  We will travel by car to our assigned section of the Owhiro Stream.  Maybe a little bit of cake or some fruit to share for afternoon tea, too!

Contact Scout Leader Denise with any questions.