Keas – Cups and Chalk and Paint………oh my

This week our keas beat out the rain with a new game in our new posses: using chalk to give each other directions to find some hidden plastic cups around the neighbourhood! After a blast of running around with chalk and torches we headed inside to escape the weather and to finish painting our hands we have used to ‘sign’ the rules that the kids came up with last week. How cool! 

Keas explore good sportspersonship 

Term three began with what felt like millions of plastic balls flying across the scout hall as keas worked in teams to practice our sportsmanship. With new a youth lead code in place to guide our activities, and some exciting new topics ahead, our tamariki really applied themselves as they embraced working together as a team. 

Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2022 – Finalist

We are humbled to have been selected as a finalist in the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards 2022 for Wellington City.

These awards are drawn from the community and we were completely unaware of our nomination.

Wellington International Airport and the five local councils come together to recognise the work carried out by community groups in the wider Wellington region. The focus of the awards is to celebrate volunteers for their valuable contribution to society.

The winners will be announced on Tuesday 23 August.

I’d personally like to thank all the scouting kaiārahi (leaders), the committee who tirelessly work away in the background, helpers who regularly turn out, caregivers and of course the 88+ youth who engage in scouting on a weekly basis – the sum of all these parts coming together in an exciting and progressive programme of events is building a great mana for future generations of New Zealanders.

Mark Le Masurier

Group Chairperson


The keas had a great night of organized chaos making their own marble runs out of craft materials around the hall. We had some fierce competition to make the longest marble run, with great team work happening all around the place! 

What a great way to wrap up our term topic of construction.