World Jamboree attendees share their recent experiences

Two of our Scouts (and a venturer & a Kaiārahi) recently attend the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea. Tonight we heard about the heatwave they experienced -40ºC (felt like 45º) which challenged attendees (and the running of the event) before a tropical typhoon lead to an evacuation and the event being moved into Seoul.

Thanks to the amazing NZ support team the youth still had plenty of amazing opportunities and things to do, albeit often in a more urban setting. After some slides our Scouts showed the badges and scarves they had swapped.

BSG visits Karori West Scout Group

Tonight we ventured into darkest suburbia to get to know our fellow Zealandia Jamboree Troop attendees. A number of ice-breaking activities and challenges were undertaken. Karori West’s more ‘senior’ scouts did a great job ensuring the night went well and fun was had by all.

Mystery cook-off challenge

What do you get when 18 Scouts each bring a tin of food, and someone peels all the labels off and redistributes the tins among four teams to ‘cook’? Well, you get some pretty random combinations, most of which were bearably edible… but that didn’t stop some convincing sales pitches about the merits of each meal!