Update Basement and community garden retaining wall

We had a very special team on Saturday with Perry bringing along Oscar and  Gracie, our two youngest bees yet—and what fabulous little worker bees they were—carrying buckets of gravel to cover the drain behind the wall and then moving lots of clay!! (take a look at the photos!). We will miss Perry and the children when they head off to Montpellier in  France soon.

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Damian turned up unaccompanied by his usual  two staunch helpers, Harriet and Frankie, who had other commitments. Hey girls, We missed you both!!

I think Damian is about to trump Grayson as the master hole digger!

Augusta (who has the misfortune to be my daughter) got pulled away from completing her NCEA assessment to help with the gravel.

Of course Michael and Denise got stuck in again, and Mark came along later with Victoria so I set him to work helping Denise excavate his favourite corner!!  I want to get that corner safely closed in next Friday,  so getting it ready was a great help.

It was a great relief for me to see these stalwarts turn up as I had a deadline to meet for family commitments— but we got all work to complete the end of the wall  and backfill done by 1.00 PM. ( Well we went 15 minutes over—but I got back on Sunday for a bit of a clean-up).

I have not finalised the programme for next weekend— BUT THERE WILL BE JOBS TO BE DONE:

The Gibraltar board etc. is being delivered this Tuesday so there is some carting to be done if this is  not done before Saturday. We may have to put out a special mid-week call if the weather turns to muck).

Pretty exciting getting to the home run!

Regards to all,

Rex—for the renovation team

Scout Aviation School

The National Scout Aviation School begins on Sunday the 20th April at 4 pm and runs until Sunday the 28th  April in the morning (after pack out)

There are a few spaces still available on this, and we would like to fill these

Based at Palmerston North, the scouts enjoy a week of learning and hands-on tasks – including flying an aircraft with the opportunity of further flying in a microlight, glider and helicopter.  Visits to Ohakea, the airport air traffic control and engineering workshops are included. This is a great chance to complete all the Aviation based badges in a week with visiting specialist tutors.

Cost: $340 plus optional extra flying of a maximum of $235                           Age: 12 plus

For further information and application forms  http://scouts.org.nz/aviation

Contact James Bennett, school director on [email protected] or 021 0595107