pics: Cubs & Scouts go global at JoTI

True to the virtual, participate anywhere, nature of a Jamboree on the Internet, Brooklyn cubs and scouts participated from 3 locations! A small group went of to Masterton, and two home events were held in Brooklyn.

Lyn (Scout Alaigne’s mum) writes:

The “InBrooklyn” JOTI event – 5 scouts and one cub crowded around 3 computers which had been set up for accessing the 2012 JOTI chat rooms and TeamSpeak. For over three hours they thoroughly enjoyed “chatting” (typing) and talking with kids from Netherlands, Portugal, Venezuala, Ecuador,Croatia,Canada, the US, England, Scotland, Australia, Antigua & Barbuda, and others (including other Brooklyn Scouts on camp in Masterton!)

One memorableexchange was with a group in the Netherlands – in Dutch. Our bi-lingua scout had to correct their impression that New Zealand was close to Zeeland in the Netherlands (arguably it is, because that’s where our name came from) but he told them in no uncertain terms (in Dutch) that we are on the other side of the world!

Some took a break from tapping on computer keys and attempted some 2012 JOTI challenges and tasks.  We also tried actually talking (using TeamSpeak) which resulted in many laughs, as voice quality and response times made discussion a little difficult, but our cub member made the best job of having a “real” conversation with some Aussies.

The rest thoroughly enjoyed typing responses furiously and finding out about the likes and dislikes of scouts all over the world. 🙂

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pics: Venturer spotlight – 2012 and 2013 expeditions

Time to turn the spotlight on our senior youth and share some of their past and planned adventures.  As Venturers, they largely run themselves: building their own program of activities (with a bit of guidance and advice from Vic).  Aged 15 – 18, these activities are bigger and bolder than the cubs and scouts tackle.

In summer of 2012 our Venturers and a Leader joined the National Canoe School.  After the initial training in Taumarunui they set off for five days of canoeing and adventure down the Whanganui River to Pipiriki. See the pics below, and a movie of the highlights on the Venturers’ page.

For summary 2013, Venture South 2013 beckons.  10 days in Riverton, South Island “designed to challenge you both physically and emotionally, allowing you to develop new skills and to build new levels of self confidence.  But most of all.. a whole lot of fun!”

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