Brooklyn Group Camp

We arrived full of anticipation on Friday night (in the dark) to find Terry had pitched most of the tents (yay!).  A fire was quickly established as it became clear that we were in for a frost!  After dinner we sat around the fire until sleepiness kicked in and the chilly night drove us to the relative warmth of their sleeping bags.

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Two cubs were initiated into the joys of camping with one of the colder nights one could ever experience in a tent.  Everyone coped well with the exception of one Scout who will now be fixing his sleeping bag’s broken zip so he doesn’t roll out into the cold.

A waining crescent Moon greeted us in the morning as we unzipped our frost covered tents.  Initial awe at the extent of the frost soon gave way to cold toes for many.  Venturers soon distracted people from any discomfort with a superbly cooked breakfast followed by a series of games and activities.  Bivy’s were built lashing poles together and tested for weathertightness with a bucket of water.

We all waited for the Sun to rise, bringing warmth, but light cloud meant it remained cool into early afternoon.  A Northerly change lead to a more mild (and frostless!) evening on Saturday.

We joined First Wainuiomata cubs a the Kauri fire pit after being treated to another great cooking effort by the Venturers.  We exchanged songs and performed short skits for each other, before returning to our own fire to cook damper (thanks Sophie!).  This was cooked with much enthusiasm on sticks over the fire (in the dark).

Sunday’s highlight for many was exploring the adventure playground.  Many personal and group challenges were undertaken before returning to camp for lunch followed by a visit to the outdoor chapel to reflect on our experiences.

Thanks & Cheers