New Cubs and Gold Cub Award

The final night of term 3 was busy for Cubs, they had a number of cub invested into Brooklyn cubs as well as badges being awarded for individual achievements.

We just wanted to again welcome all the cubs who were invested last night as well as congratulating Daniel on achieving his Gold Cub award. He should be very proud of himself and he sets a great example for the other cubs. Akela and Kaa are certainly very proud of him and his passion for scouting. I think Daniels the first cub to achieve the Gold level badge in quite some time.

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Daniel Ewers pictured below receiving his Gold cub Award, great work Daniel.

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Cubs 7th September – Eskimo Rescue!!

We started the evening by going out and playing a couple of games then came back to the den and brainstormed ideas of ‘Kiwiana’ and started our initial design for a Kiwiana wall hanging to be completed in a couple of weeks. The cubs then took on the challenge of ‘rescueing’ the Eskimos that had got caught on the fishing line.

Each cub had to ‘rescue’ one eskimo. Because there was a slight curve in the line the teams had to work strategically to ensure that each member had an eskimo appropriate to their height to ‘rescue’.

Not being allowed to use hands, and with the line sometimes bouncing around as a member of the oposing team achieved their ‘rescue’, this team game proved to be both a fun challenge as well as rewarding. I’m pleased to report that all of the Eskimos were “rescued” and Akela only had to provide backup assistance once during this dangerous mission.

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Turere Weekend Tramp

The weather was brilliant and everyone who attended had a great time on the tramp.  We had a number of cubs, scouts, parents and leaders attend the overnight tramp.  With activities ranging from fire making, cooking, mapping skills, card games and bridge building:

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