Hall Renovation Update

Hi everyone

I have been a bit quiet for a couple of weeks as we have reached a point where there have been lots of bits and pieces to do to bring the project to completion that have been less amenable to “working bee” logistics.

I have included some photos form the last 6 weeks so you see how much progress has been made, thanks to the regular crew.

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Over the last two weeks the plastering has been completed and after I applied the sealer Terry sanded this and got the first coat of paint on.  This was great as it enabled me to get the two top coats on this weekend ready for the light and power fittings to go on.

When I got to paint and sand all of the walls and ceiling I got to appreciate what a big area it is and also to appreciate how much effort Terry has had to put in dealing with the complications in the varying wall and ceiling surfaces in the build and gibbing. It is far from straightforward. (For those interested in facts and figures we have about 143 square metres of surface area excluding doors and window. That’s a lot to cover.)

Chris Ewers  has been working away on the wiring ( unfortunately our photographer wasn’t around while he was there) so the new mains wire is in and the transformers all wired up ready for the main LEDs.

Next steps before the grand opening date to be set:

  1. This week we get the “stable door” installed and the locks etc. fitted.
  2. We are waiting for the special ‘tumescent” fire protection paint for the steel beams.
  3. Sanding and polyurethaning the floors  (A few repairs and filling of the old wooded floor to be completed first).
  4. Electrical wiring completion with lights. Power points and heater fitted. (Chris has been waiting patiently to get this finished—he has already got the new heaters). We will be doing some upgrading upstairs at the same time to make good use of the electrician’s time.
  5.  QM store doors made and installed. (Shelves will depend on funding position).

Working becoming up 19 July

Look out for message from me for a working bee to do a few last things including for the community garden. They would really appreciate some help getting all of the regenerating weeds and roots out of the Terrace we have created behind the new retaining wall.  A bit of our concrete back-fill is incompatible with what they want to plant (wrong Ph!). It will be really nice to get this tidied up to complete the effect of an attractive area outside the renovated basement.  (I think we need a new name –basement sound a bit like dungeon!!)

I am away this weekend, so will probably all be done on the weekend of the 19th July. Be prepared.



Time Capsule Laid To Rest

Yesterday the time capsule was put to rest with the renovations moving into the final stages.  Starting with the sealing of the new time capsule, to Rex Collett (Basement Renovation Project Manager) turns the first screw on the Capsule’s hiding place

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Cubs Survival Night

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The Cubs did an outdoor survival night where they made waterproof jackets out of bin bags, they were then split into two teams and given a challenge to make a shelter from tarpaulins, ropes and poles that would accommodate their whole team.  While sitting in their shelter they made a list of items to have in a survival kit. Next week we will keep the outdoors theme by cooking on hobo stoves and learning about lighting fires.

Akela (Duane)