Basement Updates and help required for Saturday!!

Basement updates so far this week:

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The hall renovation committee needs your help this Saturday, if you can spare some time between 9am and 4pm that would be appreciated.

Work required

  • A bit more digging
  • Tidying up
  • Shifting the steel beams into the basement

The moving of the beams will require some strong parent helpers and gloves will be required.  If you have any questions or queries you can contact either Erina on 021 824 511 or Rex on 021 228 5558

The Building Committee

Update on basement renovations

Update from Rex on progress with basement renovation.

First a big thank you to those that helped out this weekend and a special thank you for the regulars who have put a lot of hours and energy over the last three weekends.

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Michael, Denise, Erina Grayson and  Chris get the “big sweat” award for the digging and carrying, particularly  the weekend before last Michael and Denise and Erina came back for a second dose of hard labour on Sunday. Mark also gave another long day and even said he enjoyed it!! Grayson is impressive on hole digging and helped enormously getting a dozen new piles in and two BIG/DEEP holes to meet the engineers specs for the piles to support the beams.

Despite her protestations about not necessarily fulfilling the criteria of a strong pair of arms—Lynne packed in an enormous number of trips up and down the steps with laden bucket. Sue hung in there for the drainage gravel delivery and got some more dirt in the trailer.

We have the boxing in ready for restoring the concrete floor. Just need the engineers sign off on the preparatory work. Terry and I will get the rest of the steel done by Saturday if I can get another day off work. (Don’t worry, I won’t let Terry do any heavy stuff after his back operation!)

(We are really appreciative of the time Lee from Don Thomson’s has  put into this, more work than they anticipated and are breathing a sigh of relief that we are not getting a big bill for all the work they have done.)

Place Makers Kaiwharawhara are also opened an account for us and are supplying materials for a very good price.

Having got the digging out of the way I was able to make a start on the re-enforcing steel today (Sunday). So all being well the big pour next weekend. If we cannot get a concrete pump for a reasonable price then it will be all hands for barrowing and buckets. I will let you know by Wednesday.

Coming up will be lifting the new steel beams down weekend of 30th Nov.  That will require at least 8 people—but hopefully not for long.

Thanks again everyone

Rex: Hall project leader