Scout Swimming Badge and Special Life Raft Demonstration

Our Swimming night organised by Willow Patrol had the unexpected bonus of ‘real’ life raft being set off – which was a great way to end a successful evening of badge sign-offs. A cylinder full of carbon dioxide inflated the raft in less than 30 seconds. The emergency food (if you can call it that!?) was tried out too. Special thanks to Survitec for providing the raft and survival supplies for our Scouts.

Brooklyn Scouts visit NZTA Wellington Transport Operation Centre and the other to the Botanical Gardens.

At Scouts tonight we split into two groups – one going to the NZTA Wellington Transport Operation Centre and the other to the Botanical Gardens.

Scouts learnt about the management of traffic through the use of cameras on the State Highway network and were ‘impressed’ by some of the video footage showing near misses, a late night cyclist getting his jersey caught in his front wheel (resulting in a ‘forward roll’) and quite a few unexplained crashes.

The Botanical gardens provided the opportunity to find locations from basic map coordinates, identify plants and birds and consider the environmental care code.

Brooklyn Scout Group Awards Night

Tonight (December 11th), we had an awards celebration night with special guests Josh Tabor Chief Executive Scouts NZ and David Lee Wellington City Councillor (Southern Ward).  The awards started with 4 new Scouts being invested Olly, Noah, Cormac and Liadan.  This was followed by a number of youth receiving personal badges ranging from Arts, Crafts, Bronze, Silver and Gold Scout Badges.

We also invested a new leader Mark, which was followed by Rex receiving a Medal of Merit for all the support he has provided to Brooklyn Scout Group for well over 10 years, we struggled to find the words to say thanks to Rex for his hard work and dedication to our Scout Hall.

We then came to the main purpose of the night, the presentation of 3 Chief Scout awards, presented by Josh Tabor – Chief Executive for NZ Scouts to Rebekah, Mathieu and Harry.

The Group, Leaders, parents, youth were all proud of their great achievement.

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