New Swing

We have a very happy Kea Leader! The last swing was retired when the new acoustic ceiling was installed – which was a number of months ago – and every night since the Keas have asked when the new swing they’d be getting a new swing!?  We now have a deluxe upgraded new model capable of taking even the biggest kids!

Pre-Jamboree Camp

Our ‘Pre-Jamboree’ settling in camp went very smoothly. Brooklyn Scouts are combining with Karori West Scouts. We are now firmly in the grips of the new youth leading model, so it took twice as long to put up the tents than might have been expected!? The youth undertook team building activities (planned by Scouts from the six Troops that make up the Wellington Jamboree Contingent) and designed our gateway for the campsite. It was noted by a passing observer that we appeared to be the most relaxed Troop – so that bodes well for Jamboree!

Jamie Patrol Camp

On the weekend of the 23-25th September, 17 Scouts placed themselves at the mercy of Jamie and his ability to run a Patrol/ team camp in the Wairarapa. This is a sign-off requirement for his Chief Scout award. Jamie had planned a number of challenges ranging from making woggles to firelighting with flints. Luckily we also had magnifying glasses which actually allowed us to achieve our fire-making goal – some more devious Scouts simply borrowed/ transferred fire from successful teams to light their own fires…

Jamie also dialled in a spectacular frost on Saturday night (the tents had ice on them by 8pm!). This lead to some pretty cold fingers and toes, and was a lesson to all to be well prepared for the cold. Ironically we also had a big bonfire, the ashes from which were so hot we had trouble getting close enough to toast marshmallows!

Thanks to Jamie – I’m sure he slept well on Sunday night!

Cheers, John